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Melissa's Story

Melissa grew up in Virginia on her family's farm in Beaverdam, Virginia.  It was on that farm that Melissa spent countless hours with her grandmother, Nannie Beazley.  Nannie B loved to garden, she loved the soil, and delighted in planting and growing vegetables, fruit, and flowers.  Nannie B taught Melissa to love the soil and appreciate the smell of freshly tilled earth, putting small plants and seeds in the fertile earth, and waiting anxiously for new life to emerge from the dark loam.  

After college, Melissa moved to the Northern Neck where she worked in the retail jewelry business for many years. She has two children, Fin and Pearl, and her happiest moments are when she has them with her.  Melissa is teaching her children about loving and respecting nature, getting their hands in the soil, placing small plants and seeds in the garden, and waiting for plants to emerge.

After dreaming of having her own plant bar business, Melissa opened GROW NNK in Kilmarnock, VA.  There she cultivates healthy plants and has created a relaxing zen-like feeling in her store, sharing the benefits of the bond between people and plants with her clients.  Stop by to meet Melissa and browse her unique selection of products and experience the serene atmosphere for yourself.  

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