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Singing Bowl Sound Healing

A Unique Shopping Experience
Organic Family Farmed CBD Products, Medicinal Mushroom & Herbal Tinctures, Healing Crystals, Custom Essential Oil Blends, Air Plants, Handmade Jewelry, Eclectic Gifts, and more!

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Grow is GROWING!


2024 Welcomes ENERGY WAVES: The Healing Hub. Our mission is to be of service to the community by providing holistic methods and natural products for vibrant health and balance.

Everything is energy, vibrating at it's own frequency. Our mission at Energy Waves is to raise your vibration to reach your highest self.

Now Offering

Private Reiki Sessions, Private and Group Sound Healing Sessions and Combined Reiki-Sound Healing Sessions

In January 2023, Owner Melissa Burke became a certified Reiki Master in the Usui Ryoho Reiki System of Holistic Healing. She received 3 level attunements in May 2023 from Reiki Teacher, Celeste Woods. Melissa believes this is her gift, and her purpose is to share this gift. Melissa combines sound healing and reiki together creating a powerful healing experience. While being deeply immersed in the sounds, the vibrations move through your body, bringing harmony within. Singing bowls emit pure sonic waves. These vibrations entrain your brain waves to the theta level, a state of deep relaxation. Allowing this vibrational alignment will connect you with your internal guidance.  The life force energy that is channeled directly from The Divine along with the sounds and vibrations from the singing bowls assist in balancing and harmonizing your chakra system bringing your body into homeostasis. This state of being is essential to your mental, physical, and spiritual health. 


We have the power to heal our bodies naturally. If you are open to receiving and interested in making an appointment, please call or email at 804.347.9250/

Waves of Pure Divine Energy,




Hello from Grow, Northern Neck! We are an organic wellness & hand crafted gift boutique located downtown Kilmarnock, VA.


Our shop offers a variety of organic CBD products as well as Mushroom and Herbal Tinctures & natural alternatives.


Our mission at Grow is to provide the local community with organic, natural solutions to common health problems. Proven to treat stress/anxiety, inflammation, insomnia & pain while providing boosted immunity, cellular rejuvenation, heart health, and anti-tumor support. We even have a special formulated tincture for your four legged friends.

Get in Touch

84 S Main Street
Kilmarnock, VA 22482

(804) 347-9250

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Opening Hours

Grow with the Flow

Wednesday - Saturday: 11am-4pm
Monday & Tuesday : By Appointment

Sunday Closed

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